For employees, working from home offers both advantages and disadvantages. However, my experience tells me that working from home can be a real point of dicussion for both employees and companies. Not everyone is able to create their own individual workspace at home. Often, technical adjustments are required to make it possible to work from home.

When ordered to work from home due to the resent measures to reduce the spread of a epidemic, a whole adventure began. They asked me if I had enough monitors and peripherals to create my own workplace at home and gave me a computer. Soon I found out the largest drawbacks and benefits of working from home.

No time for games

As a gamer, you try to work out the best possible gaming setup over the years. Often you provide a separate room in the house to set it up as a dedicated setup so you can enjoy even the most recent games after work. But this is the only location in the house that I could convert quite fast into my new workplace. That meant putting most of the existing hardware and peripherals aside for the ones related to work.

Too bad, but after a day of hard work most employees do not feel the need to change all the cables of the monitors and keyboard and mouse and plug them into their own personal computer to launch a game. The time you need to get everything ready no longer outweighs the time you can spend on games.

Be yourself at any time

However, working from home has some great enefits too. The time used to travel to the office and back home is eliminated. That means you can spend more time with other people in your household. The disadvantage is that in my personal case it means no more cycling to work and home. On normal working days this gives me the time to relax.

Of course, this missed sport does not outweigh the benefits. You can be yourself and as long as you do not hold video conferences, you can dress the way you want at any time you want.

Better equipment and output

To return to the first remark about the disadvantage of using a personal gaming setup for work-related purposes, it is important to emphasise the benefits of a setup you are used to. Because of the amount of research into a suitable desk, the correct monitors and peripherals, it is the most comfortable desk I have ever used for work.

This pleasant personal workspace increased the output and working speed. The second monitor makes such a difference. Some remote-first companies tend to offer employees the required equipment and tools to communicate better with colleagues. This makes communication faster and means you do not have to wait the entire day for an answer.

Internet problems and boredome

Working from home requires a permanent internet connection to keep up-to-date with the existing databases of records and documents as well as colleagues and services within the company. The internet connection at home cannot be compared to the stable company network. The occcasional internet problems are a regular frustration.

The largest drawback from working from home is the time without office conversations and real life contact with colleagues. You even have to miss the additional bad jokes about the coffee machine. Text chat is helpful, but not for a quick conversation between a group of co-workers. This also means less distractions.

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