The search for good and clear wireless earphones is not evident. Many brands offer these earphones and they can be found in different price ranges. The Klipsch R5 wireless earphones look great and promising on paper, but can a premium brand distinguish itself from the other wireless earphones on the market and deliver a better and more clear audio experience?

The sound of the Klipsch R5 wireless earphones is clear compared to other wireless earphones from competitors. The highs, mids and lows are present in good proportions, but sometimes they miss depth in songs with a focus on bass and lower frequencies. Once you find the correct songs with a more neutral balance, the audio experience is comparable to higher-end audio systems.

Clear sound without static noise

A wireless connection and design may result in a certain level of interference or static noise, but these elements are not noticeable when using the Klipsch R5 wireless earphones. Some cheaper wireless earphones often tend to lose their connection or have an audio delay, but listening to music or videos remains a problem free experience with the Klipsch R5 wireless earphones.

Decent battery life and sweat-resistance

The wireless design requires a good battery life and freedom of movement. The Klipsch R5 wireless earphones deliver 8 hours of listening. This in combination with a reliable and balanced sweat-resistant design, make these earphones comfortable and prevent them from falling out of your ears during more intense walks and even workouts.

The built-in remote has three buttons and makes it possible to control music and phone calls without taking your mobile phone out of your pocket or backpack. To make voice calls even more convenient and pleasant, the microphone reduces the environmental noise and helps you sound loud and clear.

Adjust the earphones to your personal preference

The Klipsch R5 wireless earphones use a neckband to connect the two earphones together. There are two cinch pieces included with the wireless earphones to adjust the cable to the desired length. Some users prefer a loose cale, others a more tight fit around the back of their head. The inluded ear wing can be attached to the earphones for a secure and firm grip in your ear.

Expensive compared to other models

As an objective experiment, two different wireless headphones were given to a few friends who served as test persons. One model were the Klipsch R5 wireless earphones, the other product a cheaper pair of earphones from a local retail store. To our surprise, most users did not hear a noticeable difference in the audio patterns.

You can find wireless earphones that perform almost the same for a lower price, but the wireless connection remains a strong point of the Klipsch R5 wireless earphones. Some test persons experienced a static noise and stutter when using the cheaper wireless earphones. These distorting elements in the audio were absent in the tests with the Klipsch R5 wireless earphones. The later delivered a much better experience.

Disadvantages of a small in-ear design

Earphones do not always give a correct reproduction of audio due to their smaller and more limited design. This is also the largest disadvantage of the Klipsch R5 wireless earphones and other comparable in-ear earphones. Due to the small size, there is not enough room to create a realistic sound representation and fit larger components.

The highs, mids and lows are present, but due to the limited dynamic range there is a loss in audio details. In music, the loss of details results in less clear instruments or vocal details and clarity. Seen the retail price for the premium Klipsch R5 wireless earphones, you expect an even better audio performance and more details.


In short, the Klipsch R5 wireless headphones sound clear and decent but there is little to set them apart from competitors. The included accessories and tips allow you to further customise the earphones to your own personal preferences. This is an added value compared to other brands, but does not make up for the premium price.

Product information

Klipsch R5 Wireless earphones

Klipsch R5 wireless headphones
Decent earphones with clear sound covering the high, mid and low frequencies with a minimal loss of details, but there are no features to set them apart from other competitors.

Retail price: 119.99 euros

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