No blog post this week due to the move | Update

For more than two years, the renovations in our house took place behind the scenes. After a long period of work, it is time to move our interiour and that happens this entire week and weekend. This means no blog post will be released, but, as expected, there is a small update to keep you up to date.

Clothing store

Opened our own clothing and accessoiries store | Update

Earlier this month, our online clothing and accessoiries store opened. As a lifelong gamer and content creator, I create designs and products inspired by games and technology. Most of the designs are meant for gamers and geeks who are looking for something different. The designs are not too prominent so you can wear them in a casual work related context.


One year of blogging | Update

This week marks the one year anniversary day of this blog. In the beginning of March of last year, I posted my very first blog post. One year and 53 blog posts later, there is still content being published on a regular basis. It often has been tough to combine full time work and a blog about games and technology. However, there is more to come.


Read the best posts of 2019 | Update

The end of the year is near and this is the perfect moment to look back at some of the best posts released this year. Since the official launch of this blog in July of this year, there has been an endless stream of new content. Something to be proud of as a blogger and content creator. Below, you find a short overview of the best posts of 2019.