2020 is an interesting year for gamers. Both the next generation of consoles and the latest graphics cards will be released this autumn. These more advanced graphics cards in combination with the processors released earlier this year, makes this period the perfect moment to build yourself a desktop and switch from the more traditional consoles to a custom computer.

The next generation of consoles is about to be released later this year and many gamers will spend their time playing games on the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5, but there are other alternatives available.

In recent years, a dedicated desktop computer has become a more affordable and accessible option for gamers. Building a desktop computer gives you more advantages than traditional consoles.

More games and platforms

On consoles you have the option to purchase physical games or digital games. These digital games are distributed direclty from the store on the respective consoles. This makes them often more expensive than physical games.

As a computer gamer, you often have the option to purchase games from multiple online stores. Seen these digital games are available on more online marketplaces, the price of these games becomes cheaper.

Crossplay possibilities

One thing that has defined the latest console generation is crossplay. This means gamers can use the hardware of their preference and still play together with gamers on other platforms.

The result is a more accessible ecosystem for gamers and the possibilities to choose their platform and hardware. Most console games are also released to computer gamers and crossplay makes it possible to even play together with friends on other platforms.

Keyboard and mouse

Most computer gamers have used keyboards for decades, they offer better and more precise control in games. A decent comouter mouse is much more precise and faster to pinpoint a target compared to a controller. A keyboard is not ideal in some kinds of games, but there are other alternatives available.

Other input devices

In addition to a traditional mouse and keyboard setup, computer gamers can use different controllers. Microsoft and Sony have forced fans purchase new controllers each time a the next generation of console released. On a desktop comouter, you can use the controller of your personal preference for the next generations of games to come.

Hardware upgrades

After building a desktop computer, you are able to further upgrade the system over time. You can replace the motherboard, processor or graphics card inside the computer. Fixed generations as seen in traditional consoles do not exist.

This also means that the cost of having a desktop computer can be spread out over several years. Console gamers on the other hand have to replace their console each individual console generation.

Backwards compatible

As mentioned before, computer hardware does not follow the generation cycles of traditional consoles. This makes it possible to enjoy both recent and older games on the platform without changing devices.

Backwards compatible games were introduced this generation of consoles, but after building your own desktop computer you can enjoy all types of games from the current and previous console generation.

More possibilities besides games

The initial purchase of a decent desktop computer or the individual hardware components is a cost and more expensive compared to a next generation console. The benefit is that the computer as a platform offers all kinds of possibilities.

Gamers who want to create content or stream games or even search a computer for schoolwork or other home office task may be better of with a desktop computer to enjoy their games than a traditional console.

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