Are you looking for a decent computer mouse for your gaming sessions? The Glorious Model O may be a great choice if you prefer a more refreshing and less traditional design? One question remains. Does the Glorious Model O belong on your personal desk? One issue may prevent it from being a near perfect choice.

The design of the Glorious Model O looks modern and fresh compared to the more traditional computer mice designs of other brands. The holes in the outer layer of the mouse are innovative and make the mouse lighter than other computer mice.

Comfortable and modern design

Even during a longer sessions, the Glorious Model O remains comfortable due to its shape. Your hand rests comfortable on the top of the mouse. As a result, the Glorious Model O fits your hand perfect and repositioning is not required due to the balanced grip.

Even for users with larger hands, the Glorious Model O remains comfortable to use. Your thumb remains on the right side and your fingers never feels forced in this position. One downside of the holes in the outer layer is the problem with dirt and dust accumulating on the inside of the computer mouse. Cleaning the Glorious Model O is difficult.

Reduced weight and responsive mouse movements

Depending on the mousepad, the Glorious Model O feels even more responsive due to the good sensor and design. The computer mouse slides over the cloth surface without much resistance because of the decent mouse skates. The Glorious Model O feels light and the reduced weight make it even more pleasant to use.

The left and right mouse button and scroll wheel feel responsive and both buttons make a clear click sound. The buttons on the side are well positioned and convenient to use and reach. The construction of the Glorious Model O blows most other mice in the same price range out of the water. The added RGB colour effects are a bonus.

Bent cables and defective models

The Glorious Model O may look modern and feel great, the product also has a serious problem. The Glorious Model O and mouse cables are bent at an angle in the box. This may cause the wires to weaken to the point of breaking.

After sales service

The after sales service is handling the problem very well. They promise to take care of users who experience any issue with their mouse or cable disconnecting at no additional cost to the customer. Some users encountered this cable problem on three consecutive replacements.

Even tough they have determined the packaging has not caused disconnection issues, they still decided to make several changes in response to customer feedback. The updated design of the Glorious Model O features a more flexible connector at the base of the mouse.

Updated version

The updated version of the Glorious Model O is also delivered in an adjusted box without the bent in the cable near the top of the mouse. This solves the problem and eleminates the wear and tear on the cable, but, as a result, some stores sell both the older and newer version as the same product.

Seen the great design of the Glorious Model O, the minor issues users experience with the defective cables are neglectable. The after sales service and customer support make this computer mouse a good choice for gamers. For their first computer mouse, the efforts of the brand are remarkable and promising, but maybe it is better to wait for their next product.

Product information

Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O
A modern and fresh looking gaming mouse for a good price with a cable issue that keeps it from being recommended as a must-have peripheral.

Retail price: 49,90 euros

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the Glorious Model O, a computer mouse developed and produced by Glorious PC Gaming Race. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

9 thoughts on “Glorious Model O, a modern looking computer mouse with a serious issue | Review

  1. Honest review. Experienced similar problems too with this computer mouse. Great design, but there is a flaw in the design.

  2. There are some clear problems with the design of this computer mouse. Mine broke down after a few weeks of use.

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