Alien Isolation

Best horror games to play at night, if you dare | Opinion

Ready to be scared? Horror games tend to make you hide from your enemies and leave you feeling vulnerable. Try to enjoy some of the games on this list at night in a dark room with the lights switched off. If you dare, play these games when no one else at home. But remember, the experiences may haunt you long after you play. Horror games are not for the weak of heart.

Total War - Warhammer

How tabletop games paved the road for real-time strategy games, but lost one key element in the process | Opinion

After 5 years, it is time to return to tabletop games. Together with some friends, we explored the fantasy world of Warhammer, a strategic turn-based tabletop game. In Warhammer you battle fantasy armies on the battlefield. However, the current generation of real-time strategy games uses a lot of gameplay concepts from these tabletop games.