Call of Duty - Modern Warfare

Time to discuss racism, discrimination and offensive behaviour in game communities | Opinion

For the last few weeks, racism and discrimination have been the topic in the media. Some game developers and publishers decided to take a stand and speak out against racism and offensive behaviour in their games. Also in game culture, people should be considered equal. However, there is still a lot of steps required for game communities to prevent bad behaviour.

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare

Why game reboots are a good thing | Opinion

Infinity Ward revealed their latest game, Call of Duty - Modern Warfare, with a trailer offering a first glimpse at the setting of the game. First though, there is already another Modern Warfare game and this one is a reboot, not a sequel. But are reboots a good thing for the industry, or do they end creativity and further innovation?

Call of Duty - WW2

The rise, fall and return of historical first-person shooters | Opinion

Last week, I revisited Brothers in Arms - Hell's Highway, an historical first-person shooter set during the Second World War. Almost immediately after the end of this historical first-person shooter series, the entire genre came to a sudden stop, until Call of Duty and Battlefield returned back to the past.