Xbox Series X controller

How to connect an Xbox controller to your phone, tablet or computer | Tutorial

You can use an Xbox controller to control your Xbox console. Sounds logical. But there is more. You can also use the same controller on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. This hardware support combined with the Xbox Remote Play feature on the Xbox consoles, opens a range of gameplay possibilities. However, you need to follow a few steps to connect the controller to other devices.

Xbox Remote Play

Xbox Remote Play, stream your games from your console to your phone or tablet | Tutorial

Microsoft added a new feature that allows you to stream games installed on your Xbox console to any compatible Android or iOS device over your local network. To take advantage of this Xbox Remote Play feature, you need to use an Xbox One or Xbox Series console, a supported mobile phone and a wireless Xbox controller with Bluetooth support.

Alien Isolation

Best horror games to play at night, if you dare | Opinion

Ready to be scared? Horror games tend to make you hide from your enemies and leave you feeling vulnerable. Try to enjoy some of the games on this list at night in a dark room with the lights switched off. If you dare, play these games when no one else at home. But remember, the experiences may haunt you long after you play. Horror games are not for the weak of heart.

smartphone photography

How to use your phone as a webcam | Tutorial

As a content creator or livestreamer, you often need to use a decent camera or webcam to record or livestream videos. These are dedicated deviced. Be honest: the integrated webcam on your laptop is not the best looking. If you have a more recent phone in your pocket, chances are it is equipped with a decent camera and can be repurposed to be used as a webcam.

benchmark tool

How to recreate the benchmark videos from Digital Foundry | Tutorial

Most gamers are familiar with the in-depth analyses of the YouTube channel Digital Foundry. These content creators use their own tools to analyse the resolutions, framerates and frametimes of gameplay footage on different consoles and platforms. However, there are open-source alternatives you can use to analyse the framerate and frametimes of gameplay yourself.

Acer Aspire One

Do you remember the netbooks? | Opinion

Netbooks used to rule the lightweight laptop market, but handheld devices have replaced these compact notebooks. Despite the success of these netbooks, they were forotten a decade later by users who prefer to use even smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, even after these years, the netbook remains an interesting concept with a larger influence.

Are games becoming too expensive | Opinion

Last month, some of the prices of the exclusive next generation games for the PlayStation 5 were released online. These games cost between 70 and 80 euros for one title. A noticeable price increase compared to the previous generation. For the average gamer, this is a large part of their available budget. What is the reason behind these increased prices?

computer hardware

Reasons to build a desktop computer for gaming in 2020 | Opinion

2020 is an interesting year for gamers. Both the next generation of consoles and the latest graphics cards will be released this autumn. These more advanced graphics cards in combination with the processors released earlier this year, makes this period the perfect moment to build yourself a desktop and switch from the more traditional consoles to a custom computer.


Viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware explained | Tutorial

Any kind of malicious software is considered to be a computer virus for the average computer user. Yet, these digital human made creatures are just a limited number of the existing malicious software. The best antivirus software protects you from different kinds of malware, not only viruses at best. Time for a list of the most common types of threats in the digital world.

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad with Apple of Eden

The reasons to purchase and display collectibles | Opinion

After a personal search of multiple months to find a specific collector's item, we found it online for a good price in a reliable online store. Convenient, yet the question remains why we purchase and collect collectables from games. After some research, there seem to be several different reasons why gamers collect game related items.