Lighter than light is the best description of the Sharkoon Light² 200 lightweight gaming mouse with a total weight of 62 grams. The ergonomic design and matte finish give the computer mouse a premium look and feel. Not to mention the modular design and changeable illuminated parts for less than 50 euros.

The design of the Sharkoon Light² 200 reminds us of the Glorious Model O mouse, but the build quality of the Sharkoon Light² 200 feels better and more robust in the palm of your hand. Compared to the Logitech M500 computer mouse used before, the Sharkoon Light² 200 feels feather-light.

An ergonomic design for right-handers

The Sharkoon Light² 200 is a mouse designed for right-handers with a raised left side. This ergonomic shape is a design that works and the computer mouse remains comfortable to use even after longer periods of time, but not for left-handers.

The scroll wheel feels great and the same is true for the two buttons on the left side of the mouse as they are positioned right under your thumb. The matte paint on the computer mouse prevents an excessive build-up of fingerprints and gives the Sharkoon Light² 200 a premium look with the lighting effects.

A modular design and changeable cover

The hexagonal holes of the honeycomb structure are the most remarkable detail on the left and right sides of the Sharkoon Light² 200, but the computer mouse is delivered with an interchangeable non-honeycomb top cover. This makes it possible to change the computer mouse to a more traditional look and feel.

The modular design uses magnets to keep the top cover in the correct position. The detachable top makes the mouse easier to clean. This modular design is also present on other elements of the Sharkoon Light² 200. You can replace the black DPI button behind the scroll wheel with the included blue or red button.

Change the colours without software

As mentioned before, the Sharkoon Light² 200 is a colourful computer mouse with different light effects. The colours and effects of the illuminated elements can be changed with shortcuts, no software required. Those who do not want illuminated elements can turn the lighting effects off.

You switch between the existing lighting effects and profiles of the Sharkoon Light² 200 with the thumb button 1 + right click and the thumb button 2 + left click + right click. There is additional software available to change more advanced settings and, as the design and features of the Sharkoon Light² 200, the software just works.

A budget-friendly computer mouse

The Sharkoon Light² 200 tries to stand out from its competitors and delivers in terms of design and features. The mouse cable is long enough for use with most setups and is reinforced with a textured woven fabric. Despite the low cost, the computer mouse feels strong and and looks as if it is a premium product.

The hexagonal holes of the honeycomb structure exposes the insides of the Sharkoon Light² 200 and not all users will enjoy this design choice, but if you are looking for a budget-friendly computer mouse under 50 euros the Sharkoon Light² 200 is an excellent option with a modern design and illuminated elements.

Product information

Sharkoon Light² 200

Sharkoon Light² 200 gaming mouse
A lightweight gaming mouse with a weight of 62 grams and a modular design. Combined with the changeable illuminated parts, it just works.

Retail price: 49.99 euros

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the Sharkoon Light² 200, a lightweight gaming mouse developed and produced by Sharkoon. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

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