It has happened to almost all users at one point, your desktop or laptop breaks down. If you are able to remove the internal storage from the device to insert into an external docking station, you may be able to transfer the data. The Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro is a user-friendly choice to read both solid state drives and hard disk drives.

The Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro is a convenient docking station to connect your non-integrated hard drive or solid state drives to your system. The docking station holds one 2.5″ or 3.5″ hard disk drive slot to add removable storage to any system. The device makes it possible to copy data from hard disk drives without the requirement to build them into a desktop.

This is the easiest way to temporarily connect a hard drive to your desktop or laptop. The Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro docking station is plug-and-play and user-friendly. If no hard drive is inserted in the top of the docking station, a cover protects the inner workings from dust. However, it does not cover the entire area so dust can still get inside the device.

Not all drives are supported

The docking station supports hard disk drives and solid state drives with a maximum capacity of 8 TB. This is more than enough storage space for most users, but it does not support the drives with larger volumes. If you want to add larger drives, it is best to look at an external hard disk enclosure or a network attached storage solution.

It also ensures fast transfers of all your files. The maximum data transfer rate is 5 Gbit/s. The Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro docking station also works on USB 2.0 devices. Older systems can use the device, even if transfering data requeres more time.

Real-life tests and transfer speeds

In the tests performed with the Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro docking station, it became clear:y you do not reach the advertised transfer speeds in all circumstances. The transfer speed depends on the type of drive and the size of the files you want to transfer.

The drives often transfer data faster while connected inside the computer, but in some cases the difference is hard to notice. The status light on the front of the docking station allows you to see the read and write activities on the hard disk drives or solid state drives.

Connect other devices

The Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro docking station is also equipped with an integrated USB 3.0 front hub with two different USB-A 3.0 ports and an SD card reader. These additional features make the docking station more convenient for different types of users.

Even consumers who do not often connect a hard drive will benefit from this device. The option to connect hard disks to the external docking station may be useful for these users at some point, you never know when a computer fails to boot and you need to recover the data.

Sleep mode and power saving

The Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro switches itself off after 30 minutes if the docing station is not in use. This sleep mode prevents the docking station from consuming power. The on/off switch allows you to turn off the docking station. You do not have to unplug the power adapter.

The included USB-A cable to connect the Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro docking station to a desktop or laptop is on the short side with a length of one meter. For some users this length is too short to reach their computer when the docking station is placed on their desk.

Product information

Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro

Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro
A user-friendly external docking station to read and transfer data from both solid state drives and hard disk drives.

Retail price: 29,99 euros

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro, a docking station developed and produced by Sharkoon. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

One thought on “Sharkoon QuickPort XT HC Pro docking station adds removable storage to any system | Review

  1. Have been looking for a good docking station for both HDDs and SSDs and found one. Helpful review.

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