Every Nintendo Switch comes with a set of two standard joy-con controllers, but there are plenty of other great controller options to enhance your gameplay experience. The Horipad is one of the cheapest Nintendo Switch controllers on the market. This controller costs less than half the price of a standard Nintendo Switch Pro controller and is just as comfortable.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a must-have addition for more serious gamers who want to have the best gameplay experience on their Nintendo Switch. These dedicated controllers remain comfortable, even after a few hours of gameplay, but there are cheaper third party alternatives.

The Horipad is a wired controller with two analogue joysticks. In terms of design, the Horipad looks similar to an Xbox One controller but feels much lighter in the hand. The direction pad is detachable and the A, B, X and Y buttons are larger than the ones on the standard joy-con controllers.

A cheaper alternative

Compared to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, the Horipad is much cheaper and costs half the price. This is due to the lack of wireless options, vibration feedback and motion controls. For more serious gamers, this may be an issue.

The plus and minus buttons on the Horipad are physically shaped like plus and minus symbols, rather than being printed on circular buttons. The controller even features a turbo function button between the home and capture buttons.

The direction pad of the Horipad is a detachable plastic disc that covers four individual direction buttons. As a result, the direction pad feels less responsive than the direction pad on the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. You can remove the direction pad and use the buttons instead, your choice.

Comfortable and strong

The plastic casing of the Horipad feels strong, but lacks some kind of texture. The controller looks cheap, but feels better and more solid in your hand than most other Nintendo Switch controllers. Even after a few hours of gameplay, the Horipad remains comfortable.

The buttons on the Horipad have a decent feedback, but the rear triggers are simple buttons not analogue triggers. The lack of analogue triggers is most noticeable in racing games, but even the standard joy-con controllers lack this feature.

A decent wired controller

The cable used to connect the controller to the Nintendo Switch console is long enough to span the distance between the comfortable couch and television in your living room. The cable terminates in a USB-A connector and can only be used with the Nintendo Switch in docked mode.


The Horipad is a comfortable and budget-friendly wired controller for the Nintendo Switch. For less than half the price of a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you get a basic wired controller without vibration feedback and motion controls. The Horipad feels robust and is perfect for local multiplayer games with friends.

Product information

Hori Nintendo Switch Horipad

Hori Nintendo Switch Horipad controller
A budget-friendly wired controller for half the price of a standard Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Retail price: 24,99 euros

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the Nintendo Switch Horipad controller, an official Nintendo Switch controller developed and produced by Hori. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

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