It is no secret, Fortnite is one of the largest online games of all-time. For those of you who do not know, the game went offline for over two days after the game world was sucked up through a black hole leaving gamers and parents confused. However, this intermission may have given both parents and gamers the chance to break their game habits.

It was clear that Fortnite would return soon, but the community had to resort to other things to spend their time with until the game returns. The absence of Fortnite offered both parents and younger gamers in the community the chance to reflect on a world without the game.

The end of the first chapter

Millions of Fortnite players were left confused after the end of the tenth season. The entire Fortnite game disappeared in a black hole, leaving the community with nothing but a black hole. No more Fortnite for the unforeseeable future. From a marketing perspective, this is great advertising. Almost the entire community of gamers was talking about the game, even parents were searching for answers.

The planned maintenance and update for the game was said to introduce gamers to an entire new game world. Even while most of the community understood why the developers took down the game for a couple of days, several others were still trying to login to the game. Previous transitions between seasons have been short, often lasting a few hours, but this one was considered as a more substantial update.

A temporary break from the addictive game

After a few hours of looking at a black hole, both gamers and parents from the younger players demanded answers from the developers. Some younger players even expressed their disbelief and anger on different online platforms. There even have been tears, not kidding at all. This kind of behaviour shows how addictive the game really is.

The game, which is free to play on smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles, has become a massive hit in the last years, but the reward programs makes the game even more addictive. Children are even more vulnerable to these manipulative marketing tactics due to the underdeveloped self-control system in the brain.

A group of angry parents sued the game

This temporary intermission may offer both parents and gamers the chance to rethink their game habits, but it may be too late. Earlier this month, some other media reported that a group of parents sued the game developers claiming that they did not warn parents about the danger of the addictive game.

Fortnite has been said to be as addicting as cocaine according to parents of younger children. The game is free to play, but gamers can purchase cosmetic items for their characters such as costumes and dance moves.

Talk to your children

In the end, game developers try to create an interesting game. As a result, it is not their task to warn parents. A separate organisation has to keep an eye on the addictive gameplay elements.

Parents themselves also need to decide whether or not the game behaviour of their children is considered as normal. As a parent, you need to limit the time your children play these games and find the right balance.

Take the time to talk to your children about the impact of the game and never use it to keep your children entertained. Express your concerns and discuss the options with your children. As a parent, you make the final decision. Keep in mind that your children can enjoy the game for free and the additional items are not required.

The beginning of a new chapter

Fortnite returned earlier this week with an entire new map ready for gamers to be explored. The marketing behind Fortnite is brilliant and when the game relaunched with updated content, a whole group of gamers returned to the game. It is clear, the developer will hold on to their massive revenue and is trying to keep the game interesting for as long as possible.

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