For weeks, we have been experiencing internet problems and temporal internet outages every few minutes. It is frustrating and every time I think I found the solution and solved the problem, the connection to the internet is lost. Not an ideal situation for a gamer who enjoys online games.

Internet problems are one of the worst issues that a gamer can and will encounter at some point in ones life. It even turns a short gameplay session in a whole lot of disappointment, but I decided to take serious measures.

A stable network

The wireless network in the house is not strong enough to reach the upper floors of the house, so I had to resort to a more traditional method to connect devices to the local network: an ethernet cable plugged in to the router. In theory, this is a rather convenient solution. In practice, well, not so much.

How difficult it is to use an ethernet cable depends on the location of the devices in your home. In this case, the desktop is located on the second floor and the router is situated on the ground floor.

One long ethernet cable, just one

In the closet, there was a long ethernet cable lying around waiting for the perfect moment to save the day. The event of me walking down the stairs with a long ethernet cable raised a few eyebrows when my parents decided to return from the market. Their son has lost their mind, or so they thought.

This was not true, not at all. In fact, I had found the perfect solution for the most recent internet problems in our household. Unfortunately, the plan did not work out as expected and I had to remove the ethernet cable because my parents did not want a long ethernet cable near the stairs. For security reasons, or something like that.

On second thought

As a result, I had to wind up the entire ethernet cable. If you have never used an internet cable with a total length of at least thirty meters, remember this advice from an expert: never, ever, try it for yourself. It took me an eternity to wind up this long ethernet cable. It was not worth the struggle.

The absence of the oracle

After the same internet problems returned a few days later, I had to find a better solution to resolve these local network problems. Rebuilding the entire house is not even an option, neither is rewiring the network cables on the lower floors. So, I had to come up with a proper solution.

At least these internet problems have proven that we, as humans, are more dependent on the internet than we ourselves may think. The most important detail: your best friend the search engine is nowhere to be found in this entire story.

Turning the electric wires in ethernet cables

After considering all the possibilities, there was one alternative left: a powerline. This concept turns the electric wires in the house in ethernet cables and makes it possible to transmit data from one floor to another.

A powerline adapter kit consists of at least two different adapters: a transmitter and receiver. The sender is connected to the router with the help of a short ethernet cable and plugged into a power outlet.

The second adapter, the receiver, is plugged into a power outlet near the location you want to establish the network connection. Connect the device to the receiver with an ethernet cable and you are ready to use your powerline.

A better solution and no drastic changes to the house

In a few minutes you create a stable internet connection with a powerline adapter kit by turning the electric wires in the walls of the house in ethernet cable. You can transform every power outlet in an internet connection. No ethernet cables or drastic interior changes required.

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2 thoughts on “Internet problems, the worst struggle for gamers and content creators | Opinion

  1. Interesting read. I’m having the same issues with internet disconnecting. Will try your suggestion.

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