MicroSD memory cards are cheap, but it is worth taking your time to research the different brands and series. The SanDisk Extreme and Ultra microSD cards are both good performing memory cards, but one is better for the more professional content creators. Which one you should choose depends on what your needs are.

The SanDisk Ultra and Extreme series are two different types of microSD cards and are meant for different types of users. As the name suggests, the SanDisk Extreme line is a step above the SanDisk Ultra series.

A SanDisk Ultra microSD card is considerably cheaper than a comparable SanDisk Extreme memory card, but what is the difference? Both series of cards are resistant to water, shocks and vibrations, magnetic fields and withstand lower and higher operating temperatures.

Slower and faster read/write speed

Photographers and content creators need storage, rather a lot of storage. Both series offer enough storage space for most users, but the read/write speeds differ. A SanDisks Ultra has a read speed of 100 MB/s and the Extreme tops out at 160 MB/s.

In benchmark tests, this difference in transferring speed is noticeable. The SanDisk Ultra series has a write speed of 20 MB/s compared to the 90 MB/s of the SanDisk Extreme cards. These faster write speeds are needed for recording footage with a higher resolutions or more frames per second.

Consistent performance

The sequential read and write speeds measured in the benchmark tests are rather consistent and fast enough for photographers. As mentioned before, the performance of both microSD cards far exceeds storage solutions of the past.

Content creators who record their videos in a higher resolution are better off with the faster SanDisk Extreme microSD card. The higher read/write speeds and larger storage options make these the best microSD cards available for professional photographers and content creators.

How much storage do you need?

The sanDisk Ultra microSD cards are available in different sizes ranging from 16 GB to 512 GB of fast storage. The options in the SanDisk Extreme series are even more impressive. In this series, you find microSD cards with storage solutions from 32 GB to an enormous 1 TB.

If you are looking for large microSD cards and a slower read/write speed is not a bottleneck, the SanDisk Ultra series is your best option. The SanDisk Extreme series is designed with performance in mind and, as a result, they are more expensive.


The SanDisk Extreme is definetely the fastest microSD card, but this better performance comes at a higher price for a product with a comparable storage capacity. When taking the price of both microSD cards in consideration, the SanDisk Ultra is clearly the better option for users with a more limited budget. Performance comes at a cost.

Product information

SanDisk microSD Ultra 64 GB

SanDisk Ultra microSD card
An affordable microSD card with a decent read/write speed and plenty of storage for most users.

Retail price: 14,99 euros

SanDisk microSD Extreme 64 GB

SanDisk Extreme microSD card
A microSD card offering excellent performance, but probably above the requirements of most consumers.

Retail price: 27,90 euros

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the SanDisk Ultra and SanDisk Extreme microSD cards, two microSD cards developed and produced by SanDisk. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

2 thoughts on “SanDisk Ultra and Extreme microSD cards are the perfect choice for photographers and content creators | Review

  1. Have been using these microSD cards for over a year. They still work perfectly. Not a single problem.

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