As a commuter, you need a reliable bicycle to reach your destination without any problem. During the entire last year, the Giant Entour E+0 Disc proved to be a good travel companion. This electric hybrid bicycle features a good mid-mounted motor, excellent drive system and hydraulic disc brakes.

After a year of riding, I think it is time to express my personal opinion about this electric hybrid bicycle and its maintenance cost. The Giant Entour E+0 has a strong aluminium frame and the suspension fork up front provides a smooth and pleasant riding experience.

The front suspension smooths out most bumps and puddles on the road, but is stiff enough to prevent your front tire from losing contact with the ground. The wider handlebars offer more control when you decide to ride on dirt or forest roads.

Excellent electric motor and drive system

The motor assistance offers a good amount of power to make your commutes feel even more comfortable. The bar-mounted remote allows you to increase and lower the level of assistance and turn your lights on and off.

There are three different assistance modes: eco, normal and sport. As a commuter who travels over a longer distance, you may need to climb a few steep slopes. This bicycle has enough electric support for most users to keep their momentum without lowering too many gears.

The built-in derailleur on the rear axle does not have the widest range, but the bicycle keeps increasing its speed the harder your pressure on the pedals. The bar-mounted remote is rather basic, but gives you control over all features the bicycle has to offer and is easy to read.

Large battery and decent range

The Entour E+0 offers you enough range for your morning and evening commutes. It is standard equipped with a 300Wh battery and the average range is enough for most users. For longer commutes, I decided to upgrade the battery on my personal electric bicycle to a better performing 500Wh battery.

Depending on the distance you have to travel, you can opt for a mid-range 400Wh battery. It is possible to complete four commutes of 16 kilometers on high assistance before it is time to recharge your bicycle. A realistic range of 75 kilometers is not bad for an electric bicycle.

Anti-puncture tyres, or not?

The Giant Entour E+0 is equipped with anti-puncture tyres, but I had my first flat tire in less than 750 kilometers. A piece of metal wire punctured the hard outer layer of the tire and the inner tire had to be replaced. Bad luck.

Good performing brakes and equipment

The hydraulic brakes on the front and rear wheel axis perform well and are able to bring your electric bicycle to a full stop in a few seconds, even on steeper descents. The weight of the battery is located behind the rider. This makes it easier to pull out your battery to charge and reduces the risk of your rear wheel losing contact with the ground under hard braking.

Remind that excessive braking can cause your brakes to overheat. This reduces their lifespan, damages the components and makes them less effective. After 5.500 kilometers, I had to get both the front and rear brakes replaced. This may, or may not, be a result of my personal riding style.

A different colour scheme

The colour scheme of the Giant Entour E+0 looks great, but I prefer red colour accents instead of the blue ones. This comes down to your own personal preferences, but it would have been a good idea to release multiple versions of this electric bicycle with different colour schemes. The matte black base colour looks absolutely perfect.


The Giant Entour E+0 is a well-equipped mid motor electric bicycle. It is comfortable for longer commutes and has enough power, range and levels of assistance for most people. The handlebars are wider than the ones on most other bicycles and this results in better control.

Even in wet riding conditions, the Giant Entour E+0 proves to be a reliable electric hybrid bicycle. It is the perfect choice for commuters who dare to ride in all weather conditions.

Product information

Giant Entour E+0 Disc

Giant Entour E+0 Disc
An affordable and reliable electric hybrid bicycle for commutes in all weather conditions.

Retail price: 2.099,00 euros

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Disclaimer. This post contains copyrighted images from the Giant Entour E+0, an electric hybrid bicycle developed and produced by Giant. The fair use of copyrighted works for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting or research is not considered as an infringement of copyright.

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