In the last weeks, months and even years, I learned all the things that beginners and professionals need to know about streaming games to online platforms. Let this ebook guide you through the expectations of streamers, personal branding, benefits of different online platforms, streaming software, hardware requirements and other equipment.

In this ebook, you find an overview of everything you need to know to start your career as a professional streamer. As a beginner and professional you have to learn a lot about streaming software, hardware, equipment and personal branding.

Below you find an overview of the content of my latest ebook: “Streaming for beginners and professionals”.

1. What you need to know before before streaming

Before you start broadcasting your gameplay sessions online, you need to stop and ask yourself a few basic questions. If you want to have regular followers, you need to put together a business plan and follow a schedule to keep your audience engaged.

2. Different platforms

Once you have set your personal objectives, you need to select a platform. All streaming platforms have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you to find the platform that is right for you. Here is a short overview of the most common platforms.

3. Hardware requirements and equipment

Before you can start streaming your games, you need the right equipment and tools. Once you start streaming regularly, the amount of equipment tends to increase to provide the highest possible quality content to your viewers.

4. Software and settings

After you find yourself a suitable desktop, laptop or tablet, you need to find the right software and tools to begin broadcasting your gameplay. Compare different streaming software to find the one that is most suitable for your needs.

5. Personal branding and social media marketing

As a smaller streamer, it is important to use different social media platforms to promote your broadcasts. With little to no effort, you can reach thousands of potential viewers.

6. Revenue, donations and income

Once you stream regularly, you can think about methods to make at least a little bit of money out of this online activity. Some methods are easier than others and some require contacting other companies and proposing to work together to both reach specific targets.

7. Mistakes and misconceptions

Much like being a performer in other fields, streaming games demands constant engagement with an online audience and the pressure to always be in character. As other entertainers, streamers are under constant pressure and this influences their whole life.

8. Do what you want to do as a streamer

If you want to become a broadcaster, you should try to stream and have a good time doing so. You might not earn anything, but at least you do something in your spare time that means something to you.

Download and read my latest ebook: “Streaming for beginners and professionals”

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