In Wreckfest, you take part in demolition derbies on different tracks and get a podium finish by crossing the line first or by being the sole survivor. This focus on vehicular combat requires players to find the right balance between defensive tactics and more aggressive tactics in order to take out or overtake other racers.

Bugbear Entertainment is bringing destruction derbies back from the dead. In this motorsport, drivers compete and use different techniques to either win the races and competition, or by deliberately destroying the vehicles of their opponents. The driver who finishes the race first, or the last driver whose vehicle is still operational, is awarded the victory.

Demolition derbies can be dangerous and drivers are typically required to sign a waiver to release the promoter of an event from liability. To make these motorsport events safer, participants remove the glass windows from their vehicles.

Offensive techniques

Taking out your opponents requires a good knowledge of offensive driving techniques. One of the leading techniques is the pit maneuver, a tactic by which a vehicle drives into the rear end of an opponent’s vehicle in an attempt to disable it. This procedure is considered as a relatively safe technique for ending a pursuit and used by law enforcement departments around the world.

To perform a pit maneuver, you need to drive alongside the rear wheels of your opponent’s vehicle. You gently touch the side of the car and steer in hard to make your opponent lose control over his vehicle. As soon as the rear tires of your opponent’s vehicle lose traction, you continue to turn in the same direction until your opponent is taken down.

Unpredictable results and risks

The higher the speed, the more unpredictable and dangerous the pit maneuver becomes. Vehicles with a high center of gravity frequently roll over when you perform this offensive technique on them. You can use a pit maneuver on both sides of your opponent’s car, but need to consider the risks associated with this technique.

Performing a pit maneuver might inflict damage on the front end and bumper of your own vehicle. This part of your car is the most fragile, so try to limit the self-inflicted destruction. Is taking out your opponent worth it?

Defensive techniques

Offensive techniques are required to take down your opponents in demolition derbies, but your opponents will definitely try to perform some of these tactics on your vehicle. To defend yourself, you need to understand how to counter some of these offensive driving techniques. This is considered as defensive driving,

When faced with multiple risks, it is best to manage them one at a time. Your objective is to avoid having to deal with too many risks at the same time. A pit maneuver and serious collisions are some of the highest risk during demolition derbies.

Blocking an opponent’s takedown

Be aware of your surroundings and the position of your opponents on the track. Check your mirrors frequently and think 20 to 30 seconds ahead of you. Having an alternate path of travel is essential, so search alternative routes to steer your vehicle to if your immediate path of travel is suddenly blocked by other drivers. This offers you more opportunities on the track.

If an opponent hits the rear end of your vehicle, it is best to keep your tires pointing towards the direction you want to drive towards. This often results in you turning the steering wheel in the opposite direction to that of the track, a condition known as opposite lock.

Opposite lock is a useful technique to reduce the effects of a pit maneuver and keep your vehicle pointing in the right direction. Alternatively, rapid deceleration results in your opponent exceed the required position near the rear end of your vehicle.

Use corners and obstacles in your advantage

When trying to take down an opponent, you need to think about the momentum of their vehicle. If they are standing still or not moving towards you, you will hurt them and take almost no damage in return. Strength is not as simple as the stats of your vehicle make it seem.

Bump into the side of your opponents to change their direction and make them hit tire walls and other objects spread over the track. This results in serious damage to your opponents with little to no effort. These techniques are most useful in corners and bends. Never drive head-on in an opponent’s vehicle.

Be patient and wait for opportunities

Taking down your opponents in demolition derbies is a matter of knowledge, practice and patience. Hitting every opponent results in too much self-inflicted damage, or your own vehicle breaking down in the middle of an event.

Wait for the right moment and take down your oppenents one at a time by combining defensive and offensive driving techniques. Patience and a smooth driving style is rewarded at the finish line.

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